I have several novels in preparation or submitted, so I continue to work on them with hope in my heart!


… tells the story of what happens (in the near future) after Europe begins to break up after Brexit and Scotland gains her independence, but is invaded and occupied by a resurgent imperialist Russia. The underground resistance movement is led by Samantha Fraser, a young freedom fighter, with the help of a defecting Chechen sailor. Can they succeed in ousting the Russian occupation? …

The Missing Link

A damaged youth goes on a violent killing spree, selecting his young women victims in a clever pattern that the police have been unable to decipher. Can more young lives be saved? …

Do we Not Bleed?

Set in a Metropolitan teaching hospital, a bright young trainee surgeon turns whistle-blower to uncover the unethical activities of his senior consultant. (A novel drawing on my own experiences of life as a surgeon in a London teaching hospital, but don’t worry – no names are named!)